Team Building

Process that offers practical assistance to re-energize and reinvigorate your team.
Companies/departments often grow too fast or have changes thrust upon them by outside forces beyond their control. These changes often result in less than desirable communication, morale and motivation. The team building process includes:

  1. Meeting with management team and determining process.
  2. Develop and distribute team survey.
  3. Individual face to face meetings with team members to invite confidential responses to survey questions along with feedback.
  4. Team report created and shared with management team.
  5. Neiman Consulting, in collaboration with management team, designs team meeting agenda and defines team goals.
  6. Neiman Consulting facilitates highly interactive team meeting, feeding back team survey report, using SWOT Analysis.
  7. Team determines actionable steps to address collectively identified issues and makes assignments for small teams to research bring back to large team.
  8. Several follow up team meetings may be required to address and implement desired changes.
  9. Neiman Consulting and management team have summary meeting to review outcomes and evaluate team building process.