“Lainie has added great value in coaching our team and improving communication, which has freed me up to focus on our business goals”

Ron Adelman, Principal, My4Site

“I have been meeting with Lainie since April 2006 and she has made a tremendous difference in the way I approach my business, my marriage, and my course for the future. She is empathetic, sincere and an excellent listener. Our sessions have been well worth my time and monetary investment.”

Dennia Beard, Agency Field Consultant, State Farm Insurance Companies

“Lainie has been a great coaching resource for our staff and executive team. She has worked with several of our people to help them perform better, usually helping them to understand and improve their workplace behaviors and communication. When good employees encounter work related problems, or problems between co-workers that prevent them from doing their best, we are confident that Lainie’s experience, supportive attitude and confidential style will help. We look forward to continued success working with Lainie.”

Neil Jaffe, CEO, The Booksource

“I have known Lainie for many years and worked closely with her while she provided coaching services to leaders as part of the leadership development process I managed. She made a tremendous impact on the lives of the managers she coached. She has great consulting skills and her helpful counsel on a broad range of employee relations issues (performance management, career and succession planning) was right on target. I can always count on Lainie as a trustworthy and reliable resource. She is one of the first people I would come to for a business solution.”

Terie Helvey, SPHR (Regional Human Resource Manager, Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies, Bridgeton, MO)

“As a small business owner, it is important for me to create an environment of vision and productivity that is fun and functional for my employees and clients. Lainie Neiman has provided invaluable leadership in moving my business to higher function and enjoyment. She is process oriented and gets right to the issues in ways that are motivational and manageable. If she has crossed your path, it is for a good reason.”

Steve Lotz, Golf Coach and Owner, Tower Tee