Health Coaching: FAQ’s

What is health coaching? Health coaching is a collaborative process between client and coach. The goal is to address behavior change to support optimum health, healing and well-being.

What kinds of issues can health coaching address? Chronic illness, recent diagnosis, stress-induced eating, body image, aging gracefully, just to name a few.

Can a healthy person benefit from health coaching? Absolutely! If your goal is reaching and maintaining optimum health and vitality regardless of your age, then you are a perfect candidate for health coaching.

How long is a typical health coaching engagement? Three to four months, but it can be as brief as one session and as long as a year.

What are realistic outcomes of a health coaching experience of 3-4 months? The individual experiences greater ease, freedom in their life, and has acquired new skills to support their desired behavior changes.

Will you tell me what to do or will we work together in a collaborative way? You, the client, will be the driver of this experience. Your coach will offer observations, be a witness, be your mirror for your choices and behaviors, as well as a cheerleader to notice your progress.

Is it possible to change behaviors ingrained after 50 years? If you have the will, the desire and the motivation, you can change most anything, especially when the kinds of changes we focus on are incremental. Small shifts in behavior can create profound and lasting changes in your life.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for health coaching? If you feel motivated to live a healthier, more joyful, productive and vital life… you will be a candidate for health coaching.

Can I do health coaching by phone? Absolutely. It is preferable to have the first session in person, if that is possible. Otherwise, we have had very positive outcomes from phone coaching over the past ten years.

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